WEST ORANGE TRAILThe West Orange Trail is our Main Street.

Passing the picturesque shore of Lake Brim, the West Orange Trail entices residents to explore the outdoors, whether walking, jogging, biking or simply meeting friends. This landmark amenity delivers access to 22 miles of walkways, trails and preserved wetlands. The West Orange Trail connects residents to nature, as well as local shopping, dining, culture and entertainment in Winter Garden.

Within Oakland Park, residents enjoy the healthy benefits of a walkable community and experience acres of green space, trails and lakes. A simple walk through the neighborhood can lead to new friends and spontaneous activity. After all, that’s how small towns of the past developed a sense of belonging for citizens, fostering deep roots and strong ties. That is the vision for Oakland Park.

PARKS, PLAYGROUNDS AND A POOLYou’re never far from a park.

Grassy areas and open spaces weave through the community like a street network. Meadowmarsh Park and Pool is located adjacent to beautiful Lake Brim and consists of a swimming pool for Oakland Park residents along with open play fields, pathways, and a playground. In addition to the many parks that provide civic space for neighborhood areas, a linear park connects Lake Apopka to the West Orange Trail and Lake Brim. These open areas are connected by a series of walkways and trails. These naturally occurring neighborhood landmarks create focal points for neighbors to meet and enjoy the outdoors. 

Please find the latest rendering for the Oakland Park Club and Amenity Center below.  

**Please note that renderings and plans are subject to change or be altered.

HIGH SPEED NETWORKHave access to some of the fastest Internet speeds.

CenturyLink's 1 Gbps service is equivalent to 1,000 Mbps - up to 100 times faster than today's national average broadband speeds of 10 Mbps or less, according to industry studies. These speeds allow residents to stream high-definition video content with little to no delays and download movies, songs and TV shows in seconds. Oakland Park residents who have multiple devices connected to one Internet connection in the home will still have more than enough capacity and speed to support other uses of broadband.